Waterways Infrastructure & Investment Network

Waterways Infrastructure & Investment Network (WIIN) for the Mispillion & Cedar Creek Watersheds

A coalition of RASCL partners and stakeholders known as the Waterways Infrastructure and Investment Network (WIIN) was recently awarded grant funding to create a natural resource evaluation and management plan for the Mispillion and Cedar Creek watersheds.

The Mispillion River and Cedar Creek watersheds have some of the region’s most vital natural resources and some of the last remaining large tracts of undisturbed land in Delaware. They are located within an internationally recognized flyway for migrating birds and one of the most productive horseshoe crab spawning areas in the world. The area is under pressure from the impacts of changing environmental conditions, which has increased the risk of flooding in Slaughter Beach and Milford. 

WIIN will create a stakeholder-led vision and management plan to benefit the local economies and coastal resilience of Slaughter Beach and the City of Milford. The project will explore ecotourism and nature-based investments that produce win-win benefits of economic opportunity and community resilience to climate and land use changes.

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New from WIIN:

Map Source: The Pew Charitable Trusts

  • An economic-benefits assessment of natural resources along the Mispillion River is now available! View the report here:

Community-Centered Natural Resource Benefits: Mispillion Watershed, Delaware - source: The Pew Charitable Trusts

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