Past Events

2021 Coffee Hours

This first RASCL coffee hour of 2021 was hosted virtually on February 26th. John Kane and Laura Gillam (Senate Environment and Public Works Committee) and Anna Yelverton (Office of Senator Coons) provided policy updates on the priority for climate change and resilience in the Biden Administration. Ashley Norton (DNREC) presented on shoreline management in Delaware and CoastSnap, a new crowd sourcing way to monitor Delaware's shorelines.

Click here to view Ashley Norton's slides from the coffee hour.

2020 Coffee Hours

This first RASCL coffee hour of 2020 was hosted on January 15th at the Dover Public Library. A.R. Siders from the University of Delaware's Disaster Research Center presented on managed retreat as an adaptation strategy to sea level rise and fairness and equity in climate adaptation. Jim Pappas (DelDOT) presented on road flooding, and Jessica Quinn (DNREC) discussed energy saving building codes. 

The second coffee hour was hosted on June 25th. Attendees learned about Project Drawdown and DNREC Energy Programs. 

A third coffee hour took place on September 28th. Gina Tonn (DNREC) provided an update and demonstration on DNRECS Flood Planning Tool and Karen Montes-Berrios (DEMA) discussed FEMA's new BRIC program and the upcoming funding opportunity available to the State of Delaware. A recording of the coffee hour is available below.

2019 RASCL Summit

Each year, RASCL hosts a statewide summit that brings together resilience practitioners, elected officials, government agencies, and community members to discuss the issues that matter to Delawareans. The 2019 Summit was held on November 15, 2019 at the DelTech Del-One Conference Center in Dover, DE. See our mention in the Cape Gazette!


The theme of the 2019 summit was "Surf and Turf: Implications for Future Management of Our Land and Waters". Participants took a comprehensive look at land use practices that integrate wetlands, green infrastructure, and other strategies to help coastal and inland communities manage our changing climate.


Click here to view the final program

Click here to view the Welcoming Remarks and Panel I Presentations

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Photos from the event

2019 Coffee Hours

This first RASCL coffee hour of 2019 was hosted on February 5th at the Dover Public Library. The focus of this session was the fourth National Climate Assessment, released in November 2018. RASCL and one of its federal partners from NOAA reiterated the assessment's findings for the Northeast and Delaware.  These findings can be used to enhance community adaptation and emergency planning. 

To view the presentation from the February coffee hour, click here.

A second coffee hour was hosted at the Center for the Inland Bays on May 29, 2019. Attendees learned about the importance of clean water and how having a funding source may help improve water quality across the state. Updates were also given on current water quality grants and the Army Corps call for proposals. An open discussion followed on general resiliency and sustainability concerns and project ideas.

Photo Credit: Judy Rolfe

A third coffee hour was hosted at the Route 9 Library in New Castle on September 20, 2019. Attendees learned about the Brownfield Development Program, Urban and Community Forestry Program, and New FEMA Programs coming to Delaware.

Corps 101 Briefing

Following discussion at the 2018 RASCL Summit, RASCL partners coordinated with Senator Carper's office to promote an Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) workshop for Delaware Communities. This event was held on March 29, 2019 and was an opportunity for Delawareans to grow and advance working relationships around key Army Corps initiatives. Some topics that were covered include an overview of the Army Corps, what the USACE can do for Delaware, the Section 7001 process, general investigations, project partnership agreements, operations and maintenance, and other opportunities for engagement. Click here to view PowerPoint slides from the workshop.

2018 RASCL Summit

The 2018 Summit was held on December 5, 2018 and the theme was "The Buck Stops Here: Funding Resilient and Sustainable Projects at the State and Local Level".

Below are links to the program, presentations, and other information from the 2018 summit:

2018 Program

2018 Photos

2018 Proceedings



Opening Remarks DEMA

Panel 1 - NOAA

Panel 2 - DelDOT TAP

Panel 2 - MD Environmental Finance Center

Panel 2 - SEU CPACE

Panel 3 - Laurel Redevelopment Project

Panel 3 - Wilmington Wetland

Keynote Speaker Presentation

2018 Delaware Coast Day

RASCL members attend Delaware Coast Day on October 7th! At the event, RASCL advertised the upcoming annual summit on December 5th and spoke about emergency preparedness and resilience programs across the state.

2018 RASCL Coffee Hours

In 2018, 3 coffee hours were held across Delaware. The purpose of the coffee hours is to connect RASCL members with local communities and stakeholders for an informal and interactive discussion on resilience and sustainability programs and/or funding opportunities. The coffee hours provide an opportunity for local officials and community representatives to ask questions, exchange ideas on possible projects, and network with others. 


Some coffee hours had a theme, such as best practices for grant writing, finding funding, and techniques for leveraging grant sources, whereas other coffee hours were more general discussions about resiliency and sustainability issues in Delaware.

2017 RASCL Summit

The first RASCL summit was held on November 27, 2017 in Dover, DE. Nearly 200 attendees joined together to learn about storm climatology and climate conditions in Delaware, best practices and insights for improving resiliency at the local level, and communicating warnings and evacuations with the public. 

In total, 16 Delaware towns, all 3 counties, 12 federal and state agencies, 17 non-profit and community-based groups, 4 institutions of higher learning, and 15 private sector companies and consultants attended the 2017 summit. 

Click here to view the 2017 summit program.

Delaware RASCL

Resilient, sustainable communities are the back bone of a thriving state. The member organizations of  RASCL are committed to working together to provide technical expertise and support to Delaware communities in order to increase their capacity to adapt, mitigate, and respond to environmental changes, including climate change.

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