Have a concern or question relating to installing or designing resilient and sustainable projects in your community? RASCL is here to help provide advice and technical resources!

RASCL Office Hours are a new service being offered to Delaware communities needing technical assistance and advice to initiate or complete resilience-related projects.  The office hours are staffed by RASCL-affiliated experts who are lending their time and assistance in an advisory capacity.  The types of assistance might include:

  •        Help clarifying the issue and the types of authorities it falls under

  •        Potential mitigation and adaptation strategies that are worth investigating

  •        Regulatory, design, or permitting considerations

  •        Best practices and case studies

  •        Identification of potential funding opportunities

  •        Elements that make grant proposals more competitive

  •        Identification of potential partners or experts

  •        Identifying next steps


Communities needing advice on how to start a project or implement an already-identified project are welcome to participate in Office Hours.  Twenty-minute time slots will be offered on a first come, first serve basis to those communities that complete a one-page application to RASCL.  For the purposes of the Office Hours, RASCL will accept applications from:

  1. Incorporated cities and towns in Delaware

  2. County government

  3. Common interest community groups

  4. Home owner associations (planned communities, condominiums, cooperatives, and subdivisions) that are represented by a property owner’s association

  5. Faith-based organizations

  6. Non-profit organizations

  7. Chambers of Commerce

The group should be represented by the mayor, president, chair, director or their designate.  After a brief presentation on the issue by the group, the RASCL Office Hour representatives will ask questions and provide suggestions and next steps.


Disclaimer: Any recommendations or information exchanged during the Office Hours are advisory only and should not be treated as an endorsement by any state agency or authority. RASCL will do its best to accommodate all requests and applicants will be notified if RASCL is able to schedule a session.

Questions? Contact rasclinfo@gmail.com