Membership in the Delaware Resilient and Sustainable Communities League

The Delaware Resilient and Sustainable Communities League (RASCL) is a collaborative network of state, nonprofit, and academic practitioners working to create more resilient and sustainable communities in Delaware. RASCL’s work is primarily organized around three core issues: coastal/inland flooding and sea level rise; sustainable land use planning and resilient infrastructure; and hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness.

RASCL serves as a forum for member practitioners to collaborate, share best practices, and partner on projects. Our members provide their time and resources to support information sharing, technical assistance, and networking opportunities for state, local, and county governments, citizen groups, the private sector, and non-profit organizations in order to advance the goals of resilience and sustainability in the State of Delaware. RASCL is a collaborative network that is objective, neutral, and non-advocacy and does not conduct lobbying activities. 

RASCL Members work together on a variety of projects and initiatives, including but not limited to:
•    Special projects as directed by the issue-driven subcommittees, such as the development of resources and improving coordination across member agencies and between agencies and stakeholders
•    Providing technical assistance to communities on vulnerability assessments, hazards, and climate change adaptation and mitigation, utilizing RASCL member resources and expertise  
•    Hosting an annual RASCL Summit, which brings together community members, elected officials, resilience practitioners, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal officials to network, learn, and share best practices
•    Organizing RASCL Coffee Hours to address hot topics and encourage dialogue between communities and resilience practitioners in an informal setting

Benefits of becoming a RASCL Member
As a RASCL Member, you will belong to an energetic, dedicated, and dynamic group of the leading resiliency and sustainability practitioners in the state of Delaware.  In addition, you will:
•    Have the opportunity to network with a diverse group of members and stakeholders at RASCL’s outreach and engagement events, thereby gaining valuable contact hours that can be applied to your own organization’s performance measures or goals. 
•    Join focused subcommittees working to address pressing resilience and sustainability needs in Delaware. 
•    Enroll in a group email listserv that allows direct contact access to all other members (80+ email addresses)
•    Share your organizations events and resources with the RASCL network through periodic newsletters, email communications, and on the RASCL website (800+ emails).
•    Provide direct input on RASCL’s goals and actions at forums such as quarterly subcommittee meetings, bi-annual Member workshops, the RASCL Annual Summit, as well as direct calls from the RASCL network for input and action.  

Member Qualifications and Expectations 
•    Exclusive to government agencies, nonprofits, and academic groups working directly on topics related to our core issues
•    Representation on at least one RASCL subcommittee (meet quarterly)
•    Participation in full membership meetings (twice a year; winter and summer), plus the Summit
•    Must be an organization that serves our core constituency (Delaware local governments and communities)
•    Strive to provide in-kind services, supplies, and/or funding to support RASCL events and outreach

To apply for RASCL Membership
Please contact the RASCL Steering Committee at and provide the Committee with a completed application. The RASCL Steering Committee reserves the right to invite and decline Members and will periodically review participation to ensure Member requirements are met.


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